Friday, October 31, 2008

Flash GAMM

On the 25-26 of October we visited Kyiv to participate in a Flash GAMM conference. It was organized for the first time. However it tends to be the annual one.
As it was announced earlier the meeting was organized for flash game developers. Now it is obvious that Flash GAMM was rather successful and became quite an event for game creators. We must notice that this conference took place right after the close of Casual Connect. Thus we had also a good opportunity to welcome some guests from abroad. As a result a great number of Ukrainian and foreign professionals made this meeting very interesting and constructive. All the participants could:
· get acquainted with colleagues from game industry;
· make first steps towards collaboration (freelancers + company);
· share priceless experience;
· sell their products or get an impartial feedback;
· exchange knowledge and important information which can’t be found in books as it was personally gained and is invaluable.
The lectures from this conference are available for free download on ://

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