Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Animators want to create UPA - Ukrainian Portal of Animators


Thus caricature and animation festival “Kaverza” took place. We were happy to welcome animators from Kyiv, Odesa and Donets'k. For guests from all over Ukraine it was a good opportunity to get acquainted with each other and to share their experience. Our studio entered into friendly relations with Lisenbart Animation Studio and Film-Plus Production Studio from Kyiv, Odesa Animation Studio and Toongu.Ru from Donets'k. Now we hope for collaboration and have a lot of plans for future teamwork.
The participants of the festival decided to create Ukrainian Portal of Animators. At present it's the only opportunity to unite all the professionals in this sphere. The Portal will give a good chance to advertise animation works at a new, higher level. Thanks to Portal's optimisation all the studios will be able to come into Ukrainian animation market and to form it on footing of salubrious and free competition.

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