Monday, April 13, 2009

Dress up Mania!
We’ve already written about our first steps in dress up games creation. In spite of the fact that most of developers aren’t willing to give this genre a computer game status, dress ups become more and more popular nowadays.

 Being well experienced in flash games development our team at first didn’t take it for serious … I mean we didn’t believe that a common dress up game can be in such great request. However, thanks to our talented artists we’ve managed to create excellent products.  Our latest dress up games can be found on the top sites for girls!

We’ve already worked out our own original style and continue improving it! Get acquainted with our dress up games, do like them and start making money using our company’s services! 


virendra yadav said...

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That is great post. It's very nice. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Cris Monde said...

Dress up games are more famous for girls and kids. They love to play this kind of games because of its being colorful and interactive.

Cris | Flash Developer Philippines